International Society for Plant Spectroscopy

Promoting Exchange


The International Society is a non-profit organisation founded to provide a framework for  the exchange of knowledge within the multidisciplinary field of plant spectroscopy, bringing spectroscopy to plant scientists and plant sciences to spectroscopists.

We aim to promote student exchange, common projects utilising expertise and instrumentation among plant spectroscopists. We also hope to increase the knowledge bank by organising or promoting meetings, sharing  articles, tools and expertise. Last, but not least, we aim to raise general awarness to this exciting field of research among the  wider public via popular scientific articles and lectures.


Administrative and decision making duties and rights within the society are held by the Board, lead by the Head. Information regarding membership is given on the Members page.


  1. Promote collaboration among plant spectroscopists
  2. Promote exchange of knowledge within the parent disciplines
  3. Make the field more accessible to a wider public

International Society for Plant Spectroscopy, since 2015